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FeSwap Governance

FeSwap is the decentralized cryptocurrency exchange without charging any exchange fee.

FeSwap sets up two one-way swap sub-pools for each pair of ERC20 tokens, and conducts internal token swap at the preset threshold of the price deviation. This internal token swap can eliminate the price divergence, and also make profits for its liquidity prodivers.

FESW is the token representing FeSwap governance voting rights.

FeSwap NFT represents the ownership of the specific swap pair, and the right sharing the exchange profit.

For more information, please refer to:

or, refer to the following whitepaper:

FeSwap Protocol

FeSwap protocol is the theoretical fundamental of FeSwap Exchange.

FeSwap protocol proves that internal arbitrage within two sub-pools could make profits equivalent to charge 2.488‰ swap fee while without charging any exchange fees, and this internal argitrage is a win-win process for both of the two sub-pools.
**FeSwap is called Freeswap in its earlier phase

For details, please refer to the following information:

or, refer to the following whitepaper: