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FeSwap Contracts on Polygon

Governance Token Contract #

FESW@M is the FeSwap DAO governance token on Polygon. Its total supply is 1,000,000,000 FESW@M, and is distributed to FeSwap community members based on their contribution to FeSwap DAO. Please refer to Governance on Polygon for the distribution rules.

Polygon NetworkFESW@M On-Chain Information
Polygon Mainnet0x0bE3afD0A28F0AA787D113c08d1d8A903cF6eeE9
Polygon Testnet0x31C6ba28f9692564a6ebd516676f2D49ac8C0dba

** Github Code: Governance Token Contract

Liquidity Pool Factory Contract #

The FeSwap Factory contract is the manager of all FeSwap liquidity pools on Polygon. Factory is responsible to create all the asset pair liquidity pools, and to store the listing information of these pools.

Only NFT owners of the asset pairs have the right to create the corresponding liquidity pool. Two correlated sub-pools are created for each token pair. Factory contract, together with NFT contract, provides the interface for the NFT owners to config the liquidity pool, mainly including the arbitrage trigger rate, swapping profit receiver address, and price oracle on-off swicth.

Polygon NetworkOn-Chain Liquidity Pool Factory Contract
Polygon Mainnet0x91289e8150E20Ff7CA8478dAd6DCC55D5c85Ac2D
Polygon Testnet0xD21E281493C0c63f6C0B7929D83Aa5E87a83B881

** Github Code: Liquidity Pool Factory Contract

Exchange Router Contract #

Exchange Router is the contract that users mostly interact with, which provides to users the interface of liquidity-adding, liquidity-removing and token-swapping.

Polygon NetworkContract Address
Polygon Mainnet0x938B544Ce2AE40B6dE0Ab728a69c37A60159689A
Polygon Testnet0x75bCDf4e9900Fac6D8E601624435d9269bAD9051

** Github Code: Exchange Router Contract

Asset Pair NFT Contract #

Asset Pair NFT is the contract that handles user's NFT bidding process, and provides interface for NFT owners to create the liquidity pool, buy/sell the liquidity pool NFTs. Please refer to NFT bidding on Polygon for the detailed bidding rules.

The NFT owner may earn 60% of the protocol profit of the underlying crypto asset liquidity pool.

Polygon NetworkOn-Chain Asset Pair NFT Contract
Polygon Mainnet0xA2f089377f4Dddf971ba65a69Fb4DFDD5fAf16Bb
Polygon Testnet0xf6475c3143574F4d84c627fea3df81036ceeDAC4

** Github Code: Asset Pair NFT Contract

Timelock contract #

TimeLock is the contract used to finally execute the proposals that pass the FeSwap governance voting successfully. Only the FeSwap Governor contract can call TimeLock to queue/excute the proposals.

Polygon NetworkOn-Chain Timelock contract
Polygon Mainnet0x858ebb27eE7EeEA06426171e58CA14D4fA3b77A9
Polygon Testnet0xC2078563d1cE2B8fF241A087B37344A7Ea0a07Dd

** Github Code: Timelock contract

FeSwap Governor Contract #

FeswGovernor is the contract that users can call to submit governance proposals and vote on these proposals. Anyone owning more than 10,000,000 FESW@M voting-weight can submit proposals, and one proposal that gets more than 40,000,000 FESW@M votes and no more against votes will pass the vote. Anyone can call FeswGovernor to execute the succeeded proposals.

Polygon NetworkOn-Chain Governor Contract
Polygon Mainnet0x64BEeef954BDf345CeE176E37dd622Ce1d39c55D
Polygon Testnet0x7725f9A802E1612eC5e5Bf65A73D4318cdA0C4a9

** Github Code: FeSwap Governor Contract

Staking Reward Factory Contract #

Staking Reward Factory is used to feul FESW@M tokens to the staking reward contracts for liquidity mining.

Polygon NetworkOn-Chain Staking Reward Factory Contract
Polygon Mainnet0xE499Ee63F5aD4B70F7931Ab81bc8D8a8F8F2F66e
Polygon Testnet0x9B592DbCf45F8260657BC9Ac8BB3bCFE2C83d99C

** Github Code: Staking Reward Factory Contract

Patch Factory Contract #

Patch Factory contract is used to manage the patch of the core FeSwap protocol contract, technically which is named as MetamorphicContractFactory. Patch can be used to add new features to the current contract, or to replace part of the feature of current cantract. Patch activating and deactivating is strictly controlled by the manager of Patch Factory

Polygon NetworkOn-Chain Patch Factory Contract
Polygon Mainnet0x0528D7de63aafdF748a5ef530949C80c4e8fbeC7
Polygon Testnet0x6A8FE4753AB456e85E1379432d92ABF1fB49B5Df

** Github Code: Patch Factory Contract