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FeSwap conclusion

FeSwap embraces heartfully the tenet of decentralized governance and will implement this tenet in various community governance aspects including swap pair creation, liquidity provision, token exchange, governance voting, swap income allocation, technical development, product promotion, and so on. FESW, as the governance token, all are distributed for free to realize the decentralized building and decentralized governance.

By setting up two one-way swap sub-pools for each pair of tokens, FeSwap utilizes the inevitable fluctuation of the token price for internal automatic arbitrage to make profits for liquidity providers, and further provide a completely free token exchange service to the cryptocurrency exchange users.

The FeSwap dual sub-pools setting can not only solve the problem of miner's first-running problem [3] existing in current AAM DEXs, but also provide a more sensitive price response to market information compared with current single swap pair setting.

In the future, with the gradual maturity of Ethereum's layer-2 network, and the release of ETH2.0, FeSwap will be able to provide users with much cheaper and liquidity-better cryptocurrency exchange service than current centralized exchanges, and finally, attract more users to flock into the decentralized exchange and embrace the new decentralization world.