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FeSwap Sponsor

FeSwap Sponsor contract receives donation from users, and send back FESW tokens accordingly.

The initial reward rate is 100,000 FESW/ETH, and the reward rate decreases linearly on the rate of 20 FESW per totally received ETH.

The same reward rate applies to all tranactions within the same block, and it is recalculated for each block receiving sponsor.

The total sponsor cap is 1000 ETH, maximum cap is 1001 ETH. Totally 100,000,000 FESW are filled into Sponsor contract. If the sponsor cap is reached, all the left FESW will be burned, otherwise left FESW will be claimed back.

The total duration receiving sponsor is 30 days, starting from the time specified by the FeSwap Sponsor contract while it is deployed.

Reward Rate Example: #

Assuming 100 ETH already received, the up-to-date reward rate is 100,000 FESW/ETH - 100 * 20 FESW/ETH = 98,000 FESW/ETH

Sponsor Contract Address #

ETH NetWorkSponsor Contract Address
ETH Mainnet0x74B6F6884FE98259aF4127ca9A5D580Da934E52b
ETH Testnet Ropsten0xb7196a981de991cdcaee06eb7c39c84b5277d234
ETH Testnet Rinkeby0xb7196a981de991cdcaee06eb7c39c84b5277d234
ETH Testnet Goerli0xb7196a981de991cdcaee06eb7c39c84b5277d234
ETH Testnet Kovan0xb7196a981de991cdcaee06eb7c39c84b5277d234

FeSwap Sponsor Deployments Parameters #

  • constructor(address feswapToken, address feswapFund, address feswapBurner, uint256 sponsorStartTime)
feswapToken0x4269eaec0710b874ea55e2AeDc8Fb66223522BbeThis is FESW token address.
feswapFund0x2d64435239C061C2fF0590AFCc8E49c46472CA7fThis is the address receiving the finally sponsored ETH, which is the FeSwap Foundation address.
feswapBurner0xd24347C40f4ed36f326f82E3bEFFfaf3B8D436a1This is the address of TimeLock Governance contract, which burns all left FESW token if the sponsor target is reached.
sponsorStartTime0x61170968This is the timestamp when the sponsor contract is going to start.
0x61170968 means 2021-08-14 08:08:08.

** Parameters on ETH Chain

Sponsor Contract Code #

The open-source FeSwap Sponsor contact is stored at Github Governance Project

Following is the code deployed:

// SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-3.0pragma solidity ^0.7.0;pragma experimental ABIEncoderV2;
import "./interfaces/IERC20.sol";import "./utils/SafeMath.sol";import "./utils/TransferHelper.sol";
/** * @title FeswSponsor contract * @dev To raise sponsor and give away FESW */
contract FeswSponsor { 
    using SafeMath for uint256;
    // Public variables    // FeSwap sponsor raising target: 1000 ETH    uint256 public constant TARGET_RAISING_ETH = 1_000e18;    
    // FeSwap sponsor raising cap: 1001 ETH    uint256 public constant MIN_GUARANTEE_ETH = 1e18;    
    // Initial FESW giveaway rate per ETH: 100K FESW/ETH    uint256 public constant INITIAL_FESW_RATE_PER_ETH = 100_000;    
    // FESW giveaway change rate for total sponsored ETH, corresponding granulity is 0.05ETH    uint256 public constant FESW_CHANGE_RATE_VERSUS_ETH = 20; 
    // FESW sponsor raising duration: 30 days     uint256 public constant SPONSOR_DURATION = 30 * 24 * 3600;     
    // contract of Feswap DAO Token    address public FeswapToken;     
    // Feswap foundation address    address public FeswapFund;     
    // Feswap Burner address    address public FeswapBurner;     
    // Total received ETH    uint256 public TotalETHReceived;   
    // Current giveaway rate    uint256 public CurrentGiveRate;    
    // Sponsor start timestamp    uint64 public SponsorStartTime;
    // Last block timestamp    uint64 public LastBlockTime;
    // If sponsor raising finalized    uint64 public SponsorFinalized;
    // Events for received sponsor    event EvtSponsorReceived(address indexed from, address indexed to, uint256 ethValue);
    // Events for finalized sponsor    event EvtSponsorFinalized(address indexed to, uint256 ethValue);      /**     * @dev Initializes the contract with fund and burner address     */    constructor (address feswapToken, address feswapFund, address feswapBurner, uint256 sponsorStartTime )     {        FeswapToken         = feswapToken;        FeswapFund          = feswapFund;         FeswapBurner        = feswapBurner;         SponsorStartTime    = uint64(sponsorStartTime);    }
    /**     * @dev Receive the sponsorship     * @param feswapReceiver The address receiving the giveaway FESW token     */    function Sponsor(address feswapReceiver) external payable returns (uint256 sponsorAccepted) {        require(block.timestamp >= SponsorStartTime, 'FESW: SPONSOR NOT STARTED');        require(block.timestamp < (SponsorStartTime + SPONSOR_DURATION), 'FESW: SPONSOR ENDED');        require(TotalETHReceived < TARGET_RAISING_ETH, 'FESW: SPONSOR COMPLETED');
        // calculate the giveaway rate        uint256 feswGiveRate;        if(block.timestamp > LastBlockTime) {            // granulity is 0.05 ETH            feswGiveRate = INITIAL_FESW_RATE_PER_ETH - TotalETHReceived.mul(FESW_CHANGE_RATE_VERSUS_ETH).div(1e18);            CurrentGiveRate = feswGiveRate;            LastBlockTime = uint64(block.timestamp);        } else {            feswGiveRate = CurrentGiveRate;        }
        // Maximum 1001 ETH accepted, extra ETH will be returned back        sponsorAccepted = TARGET_RAISING_ETH - TotalETHReceived;        if(sponsorAccepted < MIN_GUARANTEE_ETH){            sponsorAccepted = MIN_GUARANTEE_ETH;        }        if (msg.value < sponsorAccepted){            sponsorAccepted = msg.value;                  }                                                        
        // Accumulate total ETH sponsored        TotalETHReceived += sponsorAccepted;                                                              
        // FESW give away        uint256 feswapGiveaway = sponsorAccepted.mul(feswGiveRate);        TransferHelper.safeTransfer(FeswapToken, feswapReceiver, feswapGiveaway);         // return back extra ETH        if(msg.value > sponsorAccepted){            TransferHelper.safeTransferETH(msg.sender, msg.value - sponsorAccepted);        }                    emit EvtSponsorReceived(msg.sender, feswapReceiver, sponsorAccepted);    }
    /**     * @dev Finalize Feswap sponsor raising     */    function finalizeSponsor() public {        require(SponsorFinalized == 0, 'FESW: SPONSOR FINALIZED');        require(msg.sender == FeswapFund, 'FESW: NOT ALLOWED');        require( (block.timestamp >= (SponsorStartTime + SPONSOR_DURATION))                     || (TotalETHReceived >= TARGET_RAISING_ETH), 'FESW: SPONSOR ONGOING');
        // If sponsor raising succeeded, burning left FESW        address to = FeswapBurner;
        // If sponsor raising failed         if(TotalETHReceived < TARGET_RAISING_ETH) to = FeswapFund;
        // Claim or burn the left FESW        uint256 feswLeft = IERC20(FeswapToken).balanceOf(address(this));        TransferHelper.safeTransfer(FeswapToken, to, feswLeft);
        // Claim the raised sponsor        TransferHelper.safeTransferETH(FeswapFund, address(this).balance );        SponsorFinalized = 0xA5;
        emit EvtSponsorFinalized(FeswapFund, TotalETHReceived);    }}