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Staking Reward Factory Contact

FeSwap staking reward factory contact is used to distribute reward FESW tokens to the staking reward contracts.

Staking Reward Contract Address #

ETH NetWorkStaking Reward Factory Contract Address
ETH Mainnet0x9f35C6E6bb19A4cd7b1527CbCEB7d70be1021675
ETH Testnet Ropsten0x940EA0910C2B71794e7Bc411ea6cf45091B1d1C4
ETH Testnet Rinkeby0x940EA0910C2B71794e7Bc411ea6cf45091B1d1C4
ETH Testnet Goerli0x940EA0910C2B71794e7Bc411ea6cf45091B1d1C4
ETH Testnet Kovan0x940EA0910C2B71794e7Bc411ea6cf45091B1d1C4

Staking Reward Contract Code #

The open-source FeSwap StakingTwinRewardsFactory contact is stored at Github Governance Project

Following is the code deployed:

// SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-3.0pragma solidity ^0.7.0;
import '@openzeppelin/contracts/access/Ownable.sol';import "./StakingTwinRewards.sol";
interface IFeSwapPair {    function tokenIn() external view returns (address);    function tokenOut() external view returns (address);}
contract StakingTwinRewardsFactory is Ownable {    // immutables    address public rewardsToken;    uint    public stakingRewardsGenesis;
    // the staking tokens for which the rewards contract has been deployed    address[] public stakingTokens;
    // info about rewards for a particular staking token    struct StakingRewardsInfo {        address stakingTwinToken;        address stakingRewards;        uint    rewardAmount;        uint    rewardsDuration;    }
    // rewards info by staking token    mapping(address => StakingRewardsInfo) public stakingRewardsInfoByStakingToken;
    constructor(        address _rewardsToken,        uint    _stakingRewardsGenesis    ) Ownable() {        require(_stakingRewardsGenesis >= block.timestamp, 'StakingRewardsFactory::constructor: genesis too soon');
        rewardsToken = _rewardsToken;        stakingRewardsGenesis = _stakingRewardsGenesis;    }
    ///// permissioned functions
    // deploy a staking reward contract for the staking token, and store the reward amount    // the reward will be distributed to the staking reward contract no sooner than the genesis    function deploy(address stakingTokenA, address stakingTokenB, uint rewardAmount, uint rewardsDuration) public onlyOwner {        require(stakingTokenA < stakingTokenB, "Wrong token order");        StakingRewardsInfo storage info = stakingRewardsInfoByStakingToken[stakingTokenA];        if(info.stakingRewards == address(0)) {            require(IFeSwapPair(stakingTokenA).tokenIn() == IFeSwapPair(stakingTokenB).tokenOut(), "Wrong pair token");            require(IFeSwapPair(stakingTokenA).tokenOut() == IFeSwapPair(stakingTokenB).tokenIn(), "Wrong pair token");
            info.stakingRewards = address(new StakingTwinRewards(/*_rewardsDistribution=*/ address(this),                                                                 rewardsToken, stakingTokenA, stakingTokenB));            info.stakingTwinToken = stakingTokenB;            info.rewardAmount = rewardAmount;            info.rewardsDuration = rewardsDuration;            stakingTokens.push(stakingTokenA);        } else {            require(info.rewardAmount == 0, 'StakingRewardsFactory::deploy: already deployed');            require(stakingTokenB == info.stakingTwinToken, "Wrong twin token");            info.rewardAmount = rewardAmount;                   // refill the reward contract            info.rewardsDuration = rewardsDuration;        }
    ///// permissionless functions
    // call notifyRewardAmount for all staking tokens.    function notifyRewardAmounts() public {        require(stakingTokens.length > 0, 'StakingRewardsFactory::notifyRewardAmounts: called before any deploys');        for (uint i = 0; i < stakingTokens.length; i++) {            notifyRewardAmount(stakingTokens[i]);        }    }
    // notify reward amount for an individual staking token.    // this is a fallback in case the notifyRewardAmounts costs too much gas to call for all contracts    function notifyRewardAmount(address stakingToken) public {        require(block.timestamp >= stakingRewardsGenesis, 'StakingRewardsFactory::notifyRewardAmount: not ready');
        StakingRewardsInfo storage info = stakingRewardsInfoByStakingToken[stakingToken];        require(info.stakingRewards != address(0), 'StakingRewardsFactory::notifyRewardAmount: not deployed');
        if (info.rewardAmount > 0) {            uint rewardAmount = info.rewardAmount;            info.rewardAmount = 0;
            require(                IERC20(rewardsToken).transfer(info.stakingRewards, rewardAmount),                'StakingRewardsFactory::notifyRewardAmount: transfer failed'            );            StakingTwinRewards(info.stakingRewards).notifyRewardAmount(rewardAmount, info.rewardsDuration);        }    }}