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FeSwap Governor Contract

FeSwap FeswGovernor contract is the contract that users can call to submit governance proposals and vote on these proposals. Anyone owning more than 10,000,000 FESW voting-weight can submit proposals, and one proposal that get more than 40,000,000 FESW votes and no more votes against will be judged to win the vote. Anyone can call FeswGovernor to execute the succeeded proposals.

The voting quorum can be changed by the FeswGovernor proposals from FeSwap community.

FeSwap Governor Contract Address #

ETH NetWorkFeSwap Governor Contract Address
ETH Mainnet0x77F98c147a37564c32E48054Bff7692A1F97f343
ETH Testnet Ropsten0x179E988DaE54D010e86F288C4872d7d3eB4EF0C6
ETH Testnet Rinkeby0x179E988DaE54D010e86F288C4872d7d3eB4EF0C6
ETH Testnet Goerli0x179E988DaE54D010e86F288C4872d7d3eB4EF0C6
ETH Testnet Kovan0x179E988DaE54D010e86F288C4872d7d3eB4EF0C6

FeSwap Governor Deployments Parameters #

  • constructor(address timelock_, address Feswa_)
timelock_0xd24347C40f4ed36f326f82E3bEFFfaf3B8D436a1This is the address of TimeLock Governance contract, which is the entity that concretely enforce the governance proposals winning the community voting.
Feswa_0x4269eaec0710b874ea55e2AeDc8Fb66223522BbeThis is FESW token address.

** Parameters on ETH Chain

FeSwap Governor Contract Code #

FeSwap FeswGovernor code is open-sourced at Github FeSwapCore Project

Following is the code deployed:

// SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-3.0pragma solidity ^0.7.0;pragma experimental ABIEncoderV2;
contract FeswGovernor {    /// @notice The name of this contract    string public constant name = "Feswap Governor";        uint public constant QUORUM_VOTES               = 40_000_000e18;        // 4% of Fesw    uint public constant PROPOSAL_THRESHOLD         = 10_000_000e18;        // 1% of Fesw    uint public constant PROPOSAL_MAX_OPERATIONS    = 10;                   // 10 actions    uint public constant VOTING_PERIOD              = 7 days;               // 7 days
    /// @notice The number of votes in support of a proposal required in order for a quorum to be reached and for a vote to succeed    uint public quorumVotes;
    /// @notice The number of votes required in order for a voter to become a proposer    uint public proposalThreshold;
    /// @notice The maximum number of actions that can be included in a proposal    uint public proposalMaxOperations;
    /// @notice The duration of voting on a proposal, in blocks    uint public votingPeriod;
    /// @notice The address of the Feswap Protocol Timelock    TimelockInterface public timelock;
    /// @notice The address of the Feswap governance token    FeswaInterface public Feswa;
    /// @notice The total number of proposals    uint public proposalCount;
    struct Proposal {        // Unique id for looking up a proposal        uint id;
        // Creator of the proposal        address proposer;
        // the ordered list of target addresses for calls to be made        address[] targets;
        // The ordered list of values (i.e. msg.value) to be passed to the calls to be made        uint[] values;
        // The ordered list of function signatures to be called        string[] signatures;
        // The ordered list of calldata to be passed to each call        bytes[] calldatas;
        // The block at which voting begins: holders must delegate their votes prior to this block        uint startBlock;                uint startBlockTime;
        // The block at which voting ends: votes must be cast prior to this block        uint endBlockTime;
        // The timestamp that the proposal will be available for execution, set once the vote succeeds        uint eta;
        // Current number of votes in favor of this proposal        uint forVotes;
        // Current number of votes in opposition to this proposal        uint againstVotes;
        // Flag marking whether the proposal has been canceled        bool canceled;
        // Flag marking whether the proposal has been executed        bool executed;    }        /// @notice Ballot receipt record for a voter    struct Receipt {        // Whether or not a vote has been cast        bool hasVoted;
        // Whether or not the voter supports the proposal        bool support;
        // The number of votes the voter had, which were cast        uint96 votes;    }
    /// @notice Possible states that a proposal may be in    enum ProposalState {        Pending,        Active,        Canceled,        Defeated,        Succeeded,        Queued,        Expired,        Executed    }
    /// @notice The official record of all proposals ever proposed    mapping (uint => Proposal) public proposals;
    /// @notice Receipts of ballots for the entire set of voters    mapping (uint => mapping (address => Receipt)) public receipts;
    /// @notice The latest proposal for each proposer    mapping (address => uint) public latestProposalIds;
    /// @notice The EIP-712 typehash for the contract's domain    bytes32 public constant DOMAIN_TYPEHASH = keccak256("EIP712Domain(string name,uint256 chainId,address verifyingContract)");
    /// @notice The EIP-712 typehash for the ballot struct used by the contract    bytes32 public constant BALLOT_TYPEHASH = keccak256("Ballot(uint256 proposalId,bool support)");
    /// @notice An event emitted when a new proposal is created    event ProposalCreated(uint id, address proposer, address[] targets, uint[] values, string[] signatures, bytes[] calldatas,                           uint startBlockTime, uint endBlockTime, string description);
    /// @notice An event emitted when a vote has been cast on a proposal    event VoteCast(address voter, uint proposalId, bool support, uint votes);
    /// @notice An event emitted when a proposal has been canceled    event ProposalCanceled(uint id);
    /// @notice An event emitted when a proposal has been queued in the Timelock    event ProposalQueued(uint id, uint eta);
    /// @notice An event emitted when a proposal has been executed in the Timelock    event ProposalExecuted(uint id);
    constructor(address timelock_, address Feswa_) {        timelock                = TimelockInterface(timelock_);        Feswa                   = FeswaInterface(Feswa_);        quorumVotes             = QUORUM_VOTES;        proposalThreshold       = PROPOSAL_THRESHOLD;        proposalMaxOperations   = PROPOSAL_MAX_OPERATIONS;        votingPeriod            = VOTING_PERIOD;    }
    function config(uint quorumVotes_, uint proposalThreshold_, uint proposalMaxOperations_, uint votingPeriod_) public {        require(msg.sender == address(timelock), "FeswGovernor:: Not Timelock");        if (quorumVotes != 0)           quorumVotes = quorumVotes_;        if (proposalThreshold != 0)     proposalThreshold = proposalThreshold_;        if (proposalMaxOperations != 0) proposalMaxOperations = proposalMaxOperations_;        if (votingPeriod != 0)          votingPeriod = votingPeriod_;    }
    function propose(address[] memory targets, uint[] memory values, string[] memory signatures, bytes[] memory calldatas, string memory description) public returns (uint) {        require(Feswa.getPriorVotes(msg.sender, sub256(block.number, 1)) > proposalThreshold, "FeswGovernor::propose: proposer votes below proposal threshold");        require(targets.length == values.length && targets.length == signatures.length && targets.length == calldatas.length, "FeswGovernor::propose: proposal function information arity mismatch");        require(targets.length != 0, "FeswGovernor::propose: must provide actions");        require(targets.length <= proposalMaxOperations, "FeswGovernor::propose: too many actions");
        uint latestProposalId = latestProposalIds[msg.sender];        if (latestProposalId != 0) {          ProposalState proposersLatestProposalState = state(latestProposalId);          require(proposersLatestProposalState != ProposalState.Active, "FeswGovernor::propose: one live proposal per proposer, found an already active proposal");          require(proposersLatestProposalState != ProposalState.Pending, "FeswGovernor::propose: one live proposal per proposer, found an already pending proposal");        }
        uint startBlockTime = block.timestamp;        uint endBlockTime = add256(startBlockTime, votingPeriod);
        proposalCount++;        Proposal memory newProposal; = proposalCount;        newProposal.proposer = msg.sender;        newProposal.targets = targets;        newProposal.values = values;        newProposal.signatures = signatures;        newProposal.calldatas = calldatas;        newProposal.startBlock = block.number;        newProposal.startBlockTime = startBlockTime;        newProposal.endBlockTime = endBlockTime;                proposals[] = newProposal;        latestProposalIds[newProposal.proposer] =;
        emit ProposalCreated(, msg.sender, targets, values, signatures, calldatas, startBlockTime, endBlockTime, description);        return;    }
    function queue(uint proposalId) public {        require(state(proposalId) == ProposalState.Succeeded, "FeswGovernor::queue: proposal can only be queued if it is succeeded");
        Proposal storage proposal = proposals[proposalId];        uint eta = add256(block.timestamp, timelock.delay());        for (uint i = 0; i < proposal.targets.length; i++) {            _queueOrRevert(proposal.targets[i], proposal.values[i], proposal.signatures[i], proposal.calldatas[i], eta);        }        proposal.eta = eta;        emit ProposalQueued(proposalId, eta);    }
    function _queueOrRevert(address target, uint value, string memory signature, bytes memory data, uint eta) internal {        require(!timelock.queuedTransactions(keccak256(abi.encode(target, value, signature, data, eta))),                     "FeswGovernor::_queueOrRevert: proposal action already queued at eta");        timelock.queueTransaction(target, value, signature, data, eta);    }
    function execute(uint proposalId) public payable {        require(state(proposalId) == ProposalState.Queued, "FeswGovernor::execute: proposal can only be executed if it is queued");        Proposal storage proposal = proposals[proposalId];        proposal.executed = true;        for (uint i = 0; i < proposal.targets.length; i++) {            timelock.executeTransaction{value:proposal.values[i]}(proposal.targets[i], proposal.values[i], proposal.signatures[i], proposal.calldatas[i], proposal.eta);        }        emit ProposalExecuted(proposalId);    }
    function cancel(uint proposalId) public {        require(state(proposalId) != ProposalState.Executed, "FeswGovernor::cancel: cannot cancel executed proposal");
        Proposal storage proposal = proposals[proposalId];        require(Feswa.getPriorVotes(proposal.proposer, sub256(block.number, 1)) < proposalThreshold, "FeswGovernor::cancel: proposer above threshold");
        proposal.canceled = true;        for (uint i = 0; i < proposal.targets.length; i++) {            timelock.cancelTransaction(proposal.targets[i], proposal.values[i], proposal.signatures[i], proposal.calldatas[i], proposal.eta);        }
        emit ProposalCanceled(proposalId);    }
    function getActions(uint proposalId) public view returns (address[] memory targets, uint[] memory values, string[] memory signatures, bytes[] memory calldatas) {        Proposal storage p = proposals[proposalId];        return (p.targets, p.values, p.signatures, p.calldatas);    }
    function getReceipt(uint proposalId, address voter) public view returns (Receipt memory) {        return receipts[proposalId][voter];    }
    function state(uint proposalId) public view returns (ProposalState) {        require(proposalCount >= proposalId && proposalId > 0, "FeswGovernor::state: invalid proposal id");        Proposal storage proposal = proposals[proposalId];        if (proposal.canceled) {            return ProposalState.Canceled;        } else if (block.timestamp <= proposal.startBlockTime) {            return ProposalState.Pending;        } else if (block.timestamp <= proposal.endBlockTime) {            return ProposalState.Active;        } else if (proposal.forVotes <= proposal.againstVotes || proposal.forVotes < quorumVotes) {            return ProposalState.Defeated;        } else if (proposal.eta == 0) {            return ProposalState.Succeeded;        } else if (proposal.executed) {            return ProposalState.Executed;        } else if (block.timestamp >= add256(proposal.eta, timelock.GRACE_PERIOD())) {            return ProposalState.Expired;        } else {            return ProposalState.Queued;        }    }
    function castVote(uint proposalId, bool support) public {        return _castVote(msg.sender, proposalId, support);    }
    function castVoteBySig(uint proposalId, bool support, uint8 v, bytes32 r, bytes32 s) public {        bytes32 domainSeparator = keccak256(abi.encode(DOMAIN_TYPEHASH, keccak256(bytes(name)), getChainId(), address(this)));        bytes32 structHash = keccak256(abi.encode(BALLOT_TYPEHASH, proposalId, support));        bytes32 digest = keccak256(abi.encodePacked("\x19\x01", domainSeparator, structHash));        address signatory = ecrecover(digest, v, r, s);        require(signatory != address(0), "FeswGovernor::castVoteBySig: invalid signature");        return _castVote(signatory, proposalId, support);    }
    function _castVote(address voter, uint proposalId, bool support) internal {        require(state(proposalId) == ProposalState.Active, "FeswGovernor::_castVote: voting is closed");        Proposal storage proposal = proposals[proposalId];        Receipt storage receipt = receipts[proposalId][voter];        require(receipt.hasVoted == false, "FeswGovernor::_castVote: voter already voted");        uint96 votes = Feswa.getPriorVotes(voter, proposal.startBlock);
        if (support) {            proposal.forVotes = add256(proposal.forVotes, votes);        } else {            proposal.againstVotes = add256(proposal.againstVotes, votes);        }
        receipt.hasVoted = true; = support;        receipt.votes = votes;
        emit VoteCast(voter, proposalId, support, votes);    }
    function add256(uint256 a, uint256 b) internal pure returns (uint) {        uint c = a + b;        require(c >= a, "addition overflow");        return c;    }
    function sub256(uint256 a, uint256 b) internal pure returns (uint) {        require(b <= a, "subtraction underflow");        return a - b;    }
    function getChainId() internal pure returns (uint) {        uint chainId;        assembly { chainId := chainid() }        return chainId;    }}
interface TimelockInterface {    function delay() external view returns (uint);    function GRACE_PERIOD() external view returns (uint);    function acceptAdmin() external;    function queuedTransactions(bytes32 hash) external view returns (bool);    function queueTransaction(address target, uint value, string calldata signature, bytes calldata data, uint eta) external returns (bytes32);    function cancelTransaction(address target, uint value, string calldata signature, bytes calldata data, uint eta) external;    function executeTransaction(address target, uint value, string calldata signature, bytes calldata data, uint eta) external payable returns (bytes memory);}
interface FeswaInterface {    function getPriorVotes(address account, uint blockNumber) external view returns (uint96);}