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FeSwap Sponsor

Sponsoring FeSwap is one of the ways to join in FeSwap community governance.

By sponsoring FeSwap some amount of ETH, you could receive some propotional of FESW tokens.

With these FESW tokens, you are able to submit FeSwap governance proposals and vote on all proposals submitted by community members.

Basics of Sponsoring #

The initial reward rate is 100,000 FESW/ETH, and the reward rate decreases linearly on the rate of 20 FESW per totally received ETH.

The total sponsor cap is 1000 ETH, maximum cap is 1001 ETH. Totally 100,000,000 FESW are filled into FeswSponsor contract. If the sponsor cap is reached, all the left FESW will be burned, otherwise left FESW will be claimed back.

The total duration receiving sponsor is 30 days, starting from the time specified by the FeswSponsor contract while it is deployed.

Guidance to Sponsor FeSwap #

** In following guidance, assuming you are using MetaMask wallet.

Step 1: Connect Metamask wallet.

Step 2: Click "Sponsor " Menu.
Now "Sponsor Reminding" window is displayed.

  • Please read the remindings in detail.
  • If you do not understand the remindings very well, and not very sure that you want to sponsor FeSwap, please select "NOT Sponsor", which is the default selection.
  • This windows is displayed each time you enter "Sponsor" page.

Step 3A: If "NOT Sponsor" is selected, the left window is shown, in which the button "NOT Sponsor" is not clickable, but the user can still input sponsor amount to have a look at the giveaway FESW amount and rate.

Step 3: Select the button "I will Sponsor", the "Sponsor" window is displayed.

Step 4: Input the amount you desire to sponsor.

Step 5: Click the button "Sponsor".

  • If input the amount of FESW you desire to get, the corresponding ETH amount could be given.
  • Click to toggle the sponsor giveaway rate.

  • If your sponsor amount is more than 5ETH, special reminding window will be displayed as the left.

Step 6: In the confirm window, the sponsored ETH amount and the FESW giveway amount are prompted. Check these information, and then click "Confirm Sponsor" to connect wallet and sign the transaction.

Step 7: In Metamask wallet, check the transaction content, sign and broadcast the tranaction.

Step 8: Waiting the transaction to be confirmed in the ETH network.

Step 9: Check your sponsor transaction and the received FESW amount within ETH network explorer.